Monday, February 1, 2010

New Blog Coming Soon!

Sorry I haven't been updating much on here lately. I'm working on a new blog that should be up and running soon. I'm calling it (just) The Bass Player, An Upstage view of the Christian Life. It will pretty much be a mixture of this Awesome Blogsom and a Sanctus Real blog with a couple other bits and pieces. In the meantime, here's 8:46 of highly worthless entertainment.

see you soon.


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

True Love Eights...percent? Terrible Pun. I don't know. Watch the video

There are so many theories & beliefs & songs & movies when it comes to Love. I personally think the Bible says pretty accurate things about it. Faith, Hope, Love...The greatest is love. Without love, my good works mean nothing, I'm just a clanging cymbol. Love is patient. Love is kind. It keeps no record of wrong... We've all heard these wonderful verses in 1st Corinthians (Sorry if the wording is incorrect. I just paraphrased them from my poor memory). But they're so universal. Certainly they apply to love between a man and woman, but they also apply to loving our neighbors and our enemies.

I was looking for some nitty-gritty, boy/girl love advice. I searched the corners of the earth. Well, the corners of my computer screen. How can I really, truly let a girl know I care for her? I've read The 5 Love Languages book...uninspiring. I Kissed Dating Goodbye was the opposite of what I was searching for. I've even read Captivating to try and "unveil the mystery of a woman's soul." It just made me want to pet a killer moose.

Then I found this 2:46 video. Take it from me...Juan here is truly a role model and visionary when it comes to knowing the heart of a woman. Men...we'll find no better advice.

PS. I'm just goofing around because this video was so ridiculous. The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman is great. I never read the other two.

But seriously...8 percent. How can you argue with that?


Monday, October 26, 2009


I love fall time. It's so awesome. I'd like to redecorate the blog so it feels like Autumn, but I don't really know how. And by the time I figured it out, it'd be time to write about how much I love Christmas. What if I decorate by throwing some random fall-ish words around like FOLIAGE or CIDER. That way when you glance through the page, it looks at least phonetically festive. What do you think? Ya, kind of ridiculous.
Here's a couple pictures though to help the vibe along...and a few clips of songs. The Autumn songs start and end with Dave Brubeck and they're all music, no words. You can find them over to the right and listen while you read or do homework or play farmtown on facebook, or whatever it is you're doing :)


Since the tour ended last week, I've been getting cozy at home after my move back to the great Buckeye state. The Gartley men had one last afternoon motorcycle trip while the weather was warm enough. We took some country roads to the world famous G&R tavern, home of some disgustingly unhealthy and regretfully delicious fried bologna sandwiches in Waldo, OH.

Where's Waldo, I'm sure you're asking?


I used to love these books :)


Oh speaking of puns...I wanted to work one in about how my dad's name is Dave (or David rather) and how He and one of his sons owns a Harley Davidson (my brother dick, not me). Something like:
Harley...David's one. or Harley, David's son's?
I know these puns are terrible. Even worse than Busch League. I probably can't make a good one because I own a Honda. Send me some ideas.


Dave and brother dick, the G&R, our bikes, a truck, and a mailbox


Probably the most interesting thing I've done since being back is going to a Columbus Crew soccer game. I haven't lived in central Ohio since the MLS started, so it was a new thing for me. I was totally into it. (PILGRIMS) Granted it was nothing remotely close to the rest of the world's love for the futbol, I still love how rowdy these soccer fans are and had a great time.

So that's about it for now. For the most part, relocation has been pretty simple. I do still miss my friends in Nashville, and I miss how easy it is to get decent Mexic(HARVEST FESTIVALS)an food, but here there is Sauerkraut on pizza and people play Euchre...pretty awesome.


I'm out of Autumn things. I'll catch you later.


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Somebody's at the door. I don't even live here anymore

These bright flowers are just to attract your attention :)

I was writing a blog last week and right in the middle of it my computer stopped working. It was a bummer. I’m back in action now though. Here’s what I started to write:

A guy, maybe 18 years old, just showed up at my door. He was wearing light-washed blue jeans tucked into a pair of heavy black winter boots, a yellow plaid shirt, a black tie with a contrasting print, and a vest with feathers. He was fake crying and offered to sell me “books and magazines.” I apologized that I wasn’t in any position to buy them. He glimpsed passed me and saw my home looked vacant inside and said, “thank you for your time” and went on his way. It was a little strange, but the last time some teenagers wanted to sell me books and magazines; when I declined, they got angry and cussed at me. I was grateful this guy was nicer.

I walked back through the entryway and empty living room to the back patio where I was roasting coffee (my awesome new hobby…maybe I’ll post some for sale soon) and listening to music. As I sat back down to mind the roaster, the line Somebody’s at the door. I don’t even live here anymore was singing through my computer speakers. I thought it was a pretty great coincidence given the circumstance so I got excited and now here I am, writing a blog about it. It’s a song called “Empty House” by one of my favorite bands, Paper Route. I added a little playlist widget over on the right there so you can listen to it.

For this to make sense, I should explain that after 5 mostly great years in Nashville, I’m moving back to Ohio. I was in the final stages of moving out when this guy knocked, hence the empty place.

Off topic question for any English majors: How was my use of quotations and italics in that last paragraph? Also, since that was in the past but written in the present tense and since I was sort of taking an excerpt from myself, should I put the whole thing in quotations or italics? I got confused and worried so I split the difference by just using a smaller font :)
Also, is it cocky to take an excerpt from myself? It is a little bit isn't it...sorry...I'm not full of myself.

Now listen to me talk more:

Like I said, I started writing that and then my computer broke. It was a sad day which was only made sadder by the following day when I drove to Ohio and a small boulder, about the size of a soccer ball, fell out of a landscaping truck onto the freeway and I ran straight over it. $4300…

The good news though is that the landscaping company’s insurance is covering it. That good news was made slightly better when I got my computer repaired and the bill was less than I thought it'd be. A day happier still.

So now I’m back in action…well, almost. My coffee roaster is still in the car that's being repaired so I haven’t been able to roast any beans all week. BUT that news is slightly offset by the fact that I found this SWEET old Silvertone table radio at an antique store…$30.

Just paid for itself" (read that with an Australian accent like the dad in the movie, The Castle. Also, watch that movie. It’s the Napoleon Dynamite of the 90s). Anyway, what makes this find especially delicious (read that one like Jack Black says it in Nacho Libre)("Last time I’ll make you read things in different voices during this post")("Last time I’ll use parentheses or italics too"), is that it’s powered with tubes like an old guitar amp and I can hook my ipod into it. I didn’t realize how wonderful music sounds when it’s played this way. It's as though my ipod was converted to 2-inch tape and pressed on vinyl. If you're a music fan and can find an old tube it. There’s just something about this old technology that has never been beat. I don’t know how to describe it without using the words “rich” and “warm.” So I’ll describe by saying, “the sound, it’s so rich and warm.”

That’s really all I’ve got to say for now. Pretty heavy topics, I know. What’s the lesson in all this? Not sure. I guess it’s that neither fake crying or cussing will convince me to buy books and magazines from you.

Catch you on the flopside


Saturday, September 12, 2009

Life keeps on going

I like this photo because it looks like I'm up to no good and Coach is reprimanding me. Mark approves and thinks I deserve the reprimand meanwhile Pete just thinks the whole thing is funny. None of this is true, we were just eating at Perkins.

Sorry again for the lack of updates lately. I've been hard at work on an interactive page for our new single, Forgiven. It's up finally and pretty cool I think. You can share stories about forgiveness as journal entries or through Twitter. Then, when you share a story, a small section of an original painting by Eric Samuel Timm is revealed. He did it exclusively for our page and it's seriously awesome! You can preorder prints for it and he'll send them out one the painting is fully revealed.

Check it all out here -->

Other than all that, life has been satisfyingly chaotic as usual. I've been back and forth between Ohio and Nashville a dozen times, frequenting the Chipotle of Buttermilk Pike just south of Cincinnati each and every time, and now the tour we've been preparing for is underway.
We've been in Canada for a few days now which has been fun. Apart from milk in a bag and "eh," I wish I knew more about it here. The people have been very nice (although our bus was one egg. Does that count?). The only real down side has been that I can't use my phone.

Here are some photos from the travels.

walking around nashville

flying somewhere

Dinosaurs in Kentucky

Santa Maria in Columbus, OH

Anyway, that's aboot it for now eh. I'm off to finish reading the Goblet of Fire.

see ya hosers


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Land Between The Lakes - Motorbike Trip 2

Took another Motorbike trip this weekend with my friend Eric. Sadly, the Magna didn't make it. I loved that little bike but it was just too small for the kind of riding I want to do so I sold it. Eric just bought a new one though and gave me the "friendship discount" to buy his 750 Nighthawk. It was a hard deal to pass up.

We left his house in Nashville on Monday and drove around a bunch of twisty roads in west Tennessee and Kentucky looking for cool places to stop.

Our Route

Here's some photos of the adventure:

This crazy thing is apparently the first coal-burning furnace.

Energy Lake in Land Between The Lakes

Eric Newcomer...listen for his sweet Mandolin playing on "Lead Me" when our new record is released

Our luxurious camp site in the morning.

When we arrived at the campsite, it was completely dark. We had been sitting down all day and needed to walk around so we took our flashlights and wandered into the woods. It made for a great view of the stars but when we flipped our lights on to look around, a skunk was rummaging in some grass about 30 yards away. He wasn't bothering us so we took a mental note, turned our lights off, and looked at the sky again. About a minute later, Eric turned his light on to check the skunk.

He was 5 feet away and looking right at us.

Now how does that old philosophical question go? If two grown men scream like little girls in the woods at a skunk and no one is around to hear it...

Pretty sure it DOES NOT make a sound.

It gets a little worse. We scurry off back to our tent and are hanging out, playing games on our iPhones (the campiest of camp activities) and things are fine. About 15 minutes later we smell our friend again. Yes. The little bugger followed us all the way across the campgrounds to our tent and was sitting 20 feet away.
The good news is that we never got sprayed. We ended up leaving the area for a little bit until he disappeared. The bad news we could faintly smell his odor for the rest of the night.

The next morning we woke up and we headed to our respective homes. It was 600 miles of riding for me when all was said and done. It was a great time, but I'm sore.

I think I'll drive my car today.


Thursday, July 9, 2009

"United Breaks Guitars" (So does Delta/Northwest)

Sammy Adebiyi showed me this. It's great because it's exactly what happens.

Southwest Airlines does not do this. They're still awesome.